Airbnb, what is it and how does it work ?

Airbnb is a website enabling its users to rent a housing in 192 countries and more than 34 000 cities all around the world. It creates an online link between owners and clients. Basically, if you want to spend a week-end in London without loosing your monthly paycheck, Airbnb is a great way to save money. The way it works is : you choose your arrival and departure dates, then you select the kind of housing you want (a whole house, a flat, a room…) and the price you are willing to pay for it, and finally you enter some more details such as the size of the room or the language spoken by your host.

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The website Airbnb offers different types of home locations for the holidays, but we know that unfortunately the prices might increase significantly. It is the reason why users tend to turn towards the Internet to find Airbnb coupons and the good news is : you can find them on our website !

How to use coupon Airbnb and the advantages of it

Our website provides with a large variety of coupon code Airbnb, and here are the main reasons of using them :

  • They are really easy to use : the coupon code Airbnb can be use when you carry out your payment just by entering the name of the coupon Airbnb
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  • You can go on holidays with Airbnb for a cheaper price
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Sponsoring someone or being sponsored

Sponsoring is a great way to save some more money. You will find out that there are sponsoring codes available on our website, involving a great discount Airbnb and the immediate rebate on the total price of the trip. If you want to travel for a price resolutely low, Airbnb is the website you need. But for an even lower cost, don’t hesitate to use our amazing codes !


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